Vendor Event






Well here are a few pictures from my setup at the vendor event! Unfortunately I didn’t get much from it, kind of frustrating considering how much time I put into it to get ready. Hoping I can sell off what I made now that I have a bunch of cards made, etc. Oh well!

Taking a little break from making cards and working on some quilts that have been waiting to be finished. lol





6 thoughts on “Vendor Event

  1. Your set up is so eye appealing! I love it….even more I love those cute little Bunny Boxes! So sorry things didn’t work out as you planned.


  2. Your set up looks great- and that bunny is darling! Sorry you did not do as well as expected. I used to sell at Craft Shows (Hairbows), and at one show, something would not sell at all, and the next show, were the hottest item on the shelf!
    SCS Blogging Group


  3. Boo, I hate events that go like that… I was doing craft fairs for awhile, and it was so hit or miss. I kinda miss doing them, but just don’t have much energy these days. You had a lovely display, hopefully you can find buyers for your items. 🙂 You should post pictures of your quilting when you’re done… I know this is your stamping blog, but it’s nice to see other forms of creativity too!


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